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Posts published in “WELLNESS AND WELLBEING”

Your Guide To Chakras

The seven chakras form a line from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Different religions, schools of thought, and groups have slightly differing variations on the exact chakras and their roles. However, they all run in a straight line through the body from head to toe, have petals in the flowers, and most agree there are seven major chakras.

Relaxation – The Therapy That Heals You Inside And Out

Neglecting your mental health can be very dangerous. Unfortunately, many people think they don’t have enough time to practice relaxation or think that it won’t have a positive effect on their health. However, if you just try to take 5-15 minutes out of your day to practice relaxation, you’ll instantly start noticing the many health benefits of having a relaxed mind and body.

How Meditation Improves Your Workouts

Have you considered the effect that focus has on exercise performance? Of course, it’s a fact that aerobic exercise is good for your physical health and is often accompanied by perks to emotional health by increasing the production of endorphins, while meditation is known to be beneficial to psychological health because it allows practitioners to relax, but is there a benefit to practicing meditation in relation to exercise?