Kefir Drink Probiotic Powerhouse: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

It is my honor to introduce this 2,000-year-old nutritional rock star from Russian to all of those who haven’t heard about “Kefir” before today.

What is Kefir?

Kefir is cultured dairy product which is like the king of pro-biotic foods on this planet. Forget Yogurt, you will see how Kefir is so superior to it and due to its healing properties it can be termed as a super food easily. Kefir is similar to yogurt but it is lot more thinner than it tastes quite different from those foil lidded yogurts you are used to. It is definitely not sweet but the taste can be addictive even being a bit tangy.

Two Types of Kefir

1. Water Kefir

  • dairy-free
  • consists of small, transparent grains
  • made with fermented sugar water, coconut water and/or fruit juice

2. Milk Kefir

  • consists of white/cream-colored grains
  • made with fermented milk of cow, goat, sheep
  • and/or milk substitutes (ie. coconut, soy, rice milk)
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Why Kefir is a superfood ?

Its is a powerhouse of live good bacterias – aka pro-biotics – aks beneficial for health.

While your conventional yogurt will contain a single or at times few more strains of these live and active cultures compared to Kefir which is loaded with 10 starins of good bacteria.

Apart from probiotics, Kefir contains high levels of vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K2, biotin, folate, and enzymes.

How you can use Kefir in for your weight loss goals?

Well Kefir is not a direct weight loss food, but if you can add it to your diet it can boost your weight loss goals tremendously.

Engage yourself in a healthy kefir diet that will not only cut down weight but also promote good health.

Replace your daily breakfast with a glass of Kefir, it is not only low in Calories (choose the low fat Kefir) but it is also full of proteins which will keep you full for a long time.

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If you are a dairy free person, then choose water kefir instead dairy kefir, both has the same benefits but lower in calories.

Other Kefir Benefits:

  • produces its own antibiotics
  • eliminates “bad” bacteria
  • rebalances intestinal flora and stomach acid
  • regulates metabolism through improved digestion
  • promotes blood circulation and normal blood pressure levels
  • regulates bile to improve liver/gall bladder functions
  • produces anti-cancer compounds and prevents metastasis
  • has antifungal properties to promote healing of various skin disorders
  • has a positive effect on nervous system
  • reduces anxiety and depression
  • increases energy and elevates mood
  • Studies have shown that milk cultured for 24 hours with live kefir grains can reduce cholesterol up to 63%!
  • Of 200 subjects with Type 2 Diabetes, an incredible 85% of them achieved normalized glucose levels after a month of drinking 3 cups of kefir a day.
  • The many beneficial enzymes and bacteria in kefir aid in the digestion of lactose.
  • By aiding in digestion and helping the body to detox, it is helpful with weight-loss in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise.

Kefir has been scientifically researched and investigated over the last 100 years, starting with Nobel Prize winner, Elie Metchnikoff, who demonstrated that regular use of kefir can:

  • alleviate intestinal disorders
  • promote bowel movement
  • create a healthier digestive system
  • restore immune system
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Add this miracle food in your diet not only or weight loss but also to attain a overall healthy life.

Where to buy?

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