Let's burn some calories the lazy way -

We can all unanimously agree on the fact that most of us go through those days when we are really lazy to get our butt out of that couch and visit gym.

No problem, we bring you the best and simple lazy day workouts, which will keep you in routine and can be done anywhere. Try these workout for lazy days and geared for lazy people!

This post has a special purpose, we wanted to find a list of workouts for everyone of us who want to get in shape but don't have the time to join a gym, or they are too busy with kids or simply may be they are big time procrastinators.

You bet, these exercises are super fun, super easy and can be done anywhere and everywhere at anytime of the day, yet they will burn your calories like a furnace.

1) Get Toned While You Watch TV

This set of exercise is so simple that you can literally do them while watching TV, Cosmopolitan brings you 7 easiest ever lazy girl workouts.

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Tip: Stop nibbling on useless calories while binging your favorite show, instead eat salads or find some great low calorie snacks.


2) Sofa Abs Workout

This Sofa Abs workouts from Darbee, are so simple that even your grand ma can do them. Do these workouts whenever you have ideal time on a sofa, which is in fact a lot. You might not ever realise, how much time you spend sitting idle on a sofa flipping through magazines. Now build awesome abs while you wait for your flight, or at your doctor's clinic, or simply while waiting for your turn at the saloon. These workouts are great for men, women, children and elderlies alike.


3) Simple Yoga Moves for Toning Muscle 

The 5 ultimate calorie busting yoga moves for toning muscles from the all-time pro and friend of DIY Active, Dempsey Marks! Simple, doable and effective!



4) The Hotel Bed Bodyweight Workout

If you travel a lot for work or want to workout while you travel for fun, these hotel bed workouts are the best that you can find. This requires no extra gears, outfit or shoes so you can travel light and get fit on your tour. These bodyweight workouts are simple and saves you precious time and keep you fit, lean and toned.

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5) Mommy and Me Workout (Dedicated to new moms)

It gets very difficult for new moms to find anytime for workout, but that is the time they need to workout the most. It improves your health, you lose pregnancy weight and you keep more active to handle the extra workload with the baby around. Working out post pregnancy helps in handling post pregnancy depression too. So do not forget to get these done daily.


6) Get Abs in 5 Minutes

The Live Fit Girls shows a very simple 5 minute routine that can be done everyday, which will get you flat abs. Which is pretty great since 5 minutes on my abs is probably more than enough time for me to focus on one part of your body.


7) Do Tabata Workouts

Tabata workouts are great if you are running low on time and can only squeeze in few minutes for workout. Tabata is done in 20 sec high intensity workout and 10 sec rest, repeated 8 times, hence done in 4 minutes. You will burn more calories than you will from hours of cardio.

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